Marine Debris Collection Term 4 2013

Throughout term 4, 2013 students from the School for Student Leadership Snowy River Campus have been busy scouring the local beaches and waterways in search for washed up foreign objects. Students adopted a positive attitude towards the cause and worked hard to clean up the local area.

The school has joined forces with Tangaroa Blue’s Australian Marine Debris Initiative to work towards collecting debris from the beaches and waterways and collating the data for research purposes. Students take part in two Expeditions over the nine week program, during those expeditions students focused on collecting debris and keeping a record of rubbish collected. The expeditions took place in the Cape Conran Coastal Park and Snowy River Estuary areas. It has been an interesting exercise for the student to see what actually shows up on the beaches and learn about what effect this rubbish has on the environment and underwater creatures. Throughout the term students also took part in a number of community service sessions which allowed the students to explore the Cape Conran area for rubbish.

Term 4 2013 has been a successful start to the collection process for the Snowy River Campus, the students have been able to assist research and remove many kilograms of debris from the local beaches and waterways. The school looks forward to continuing to work alongside Tangaroa Blue and work hard cleaning up the local area.

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