Lion Island

The Hawkesbury River Foreshore Clean-up program was back on Lion Island with the help of the 13 year old Macmasters Beach Surf Club age group members at the end of January. With the guidance of coordinator Graham Johnston 17 members of the Surf Club helped remove 90kg of debris from the Lower Hawkesbury and Lion Island.

The objective of the day was to monitor and remove small litter from the popular isolated small beaches in the Lower Hawkesbury River and Cowan Creek, following the Christmas and New Years Day holidays when many locals and visitors hit our waterways to celebrate.

Participants Erin, Elisa, Georga, Nathan, Nick, Matt, Peter, Jobe, Nicholas, Sari, Millie, Tegan, Gabbi and assisting members Jim Myers, Anthony Brown, Kirsty Walker and Nerida Powell loaded onto 2 surf club RIBs and 7 kayaks for the mission. The team launched from Patonga Camping Grounds, splitting into two groups. Group one in the IRBs, on foreshore tasks, group two in kayaks, paddling to Rocky Ponds, for lunch and change-over.

Lion Island revealed plenty of small foam, now more evident with larger items previously removed. Two full bags removed. On Great Mackerel, Resolute and West Head beaches plenty of small items were also found, with more alcohol bottles present. Flannel Flower and Flint and Steel, again small mixed items and abundant beer bottles (thirty) were on the jump rock at Jerusalem Bay, and collected.

The second group, unloaded five full bags at Parsley Bay, then cleaned Dead Horse Bay, which appeared to have “permanent campers” . Two full bags were removed from this foreshore. Sandy Bay presented abundant plastic bottles, foam and additional small items, mainly from the far end.

A bit of a rough trip on the return to Patonga due to both wind & tide, and both groups loaded gear and departed Patonga at 3pm. Good program networking completed with interested campers and a great day had by all volunteers. Well done everyone involved!

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