Kincumber is a Marine Debris Hotspot!

Community volunteers & Macmasters Beach Surf Club “Duke of Ed’ members joined a field trip to Kincumber Creek during August for a clean up through the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Clean Up Program.

With the help of the volunteers, local oyster growers Simon Funnel and Warren Harvey, the Gosford Shire Council and coordinator Graham Johnston, litter and oyster product was removed from the foreshores of Kincumber Creek, and the foreshore from Nautilus Village to South Kincumber Monastery.

Commencing from the boat ramp behind Kincumber Indoor Centre on the top of the tide, the 37 volunteers boarded the craft assembled including two oyster barges, two IRBs and seven kayaks. The Macmasters Surf Club departed early and completed both foreshores of Kincumber Creek, from the boat ramp, back to the road bridge on Empire Bay Drive. Lounges, TVs, tyres, mattresses, timber, computer desk and a chair were brought back to the ramp. Ten bags of small litter were also removed from this area and close to the boat ramp.

The most southern group commenced at the Monastery Jetty and immediately collected plenty of small plastic and disused oyster product. The high tide allowed easy access for the barge and the loading of litter. The northern group commenced at the canoe shed near the Youth Centre and were also busy with small litter. This area had been cleaned two months earlier. The middle group, working behind the Monastery, encountered larger items with oyster trays, tyres and larger domestic items collected, including a steel balustrade railing. Small sections contained large amounts of plastic, mainly bottles, glass and tennis balls. A large steel covered polystyrene pontoon was “rolled onto its side by an eager group, but was deemed too large to retrieve.

Both groups them re-assembled and completed the area north from the canoe shed past the Nautilus Village. This area also had large deposits of small items. More tyres and oyster product, and timber product. 100 metres of the southern foreshore, from the boat ramp heading down Kincumber Creek, was then cleaned. All volunteers were amazed at the high volume of plastic bottles and foam product in this small area. Bottles were found beneath the native grasses, with 20 bags quickly filled from this small area.

All volunteers arrived back at the boat ramp, for the big off load, and clean-up of gear. Approximately 2 tonne of rubbish was deposited adjacent to the boat ramp for Gosford Council to remove. All volunteers enjoyed a free BBQ, cooked by David Kidney, and debrief, GREAT DAY had by all!

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