Kincumber Broadwater Report!

The Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program coordinator Graham Johnston and a team from “The Glen” Aboriginal Men’s Health Centre headed out to the South Kincumber Broardwater in Brisbane Waters in mid-June for a marine debris survey and removal trip.

With the help of local oyster grower, Simon Funnel, the team raced a rapidly falling tide, which made conditions difficult to reach to foreshore. The small Island in Kincumber Broardwater was thoroughly cleaned with 5 full bags plus several oyster products removed. The area in front of the “Great Aussie Bush Camp” and one kilometer of foreshore was cleaned, with tyres, oyster products, metal roofing, refrigeration insulation, and over thirty bags of small litter removed. Masses of plastic bottles and over 100 tennis balls collected from this foreshore, and there is still plenty more litter on this section of land that needs to be removed.

The small island at the eastern end of Empire Bay Channel was also cleaned with the bulk items, stacked on a previous trip removed and an old campsite was totally removed by the team.

It was an excellent effort by the men involved, in a cold early start with approximately a tonne and a half removed, to be picked up during tomorrows bulk day. An enjoyable BBQ at Macmasters, cooked by the team, with the IRB also repaired by the Glen members.

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