HNCMA Foreshore Cleanup Program was busy during November!

HNCMA Foreshore Cleanup Program was busy during November with clean up activites with both the Rowland Hassle Special Needs School and “The Croft” Special Education Program joining forces to clean up areas of both the Hawkesbury River Catchcment and Brisbane River Catchment.

Coordinator, Graham Johnston and his team of students launched the IRB inflatable rescue boats and headed up river to clean up old camps and rubbish that has washed downstream. Here’s a report from their work:

This was the first trip into this area in Apple Tree Bay and up Cowan Creek into Smith Creek and the peak high tide enabled easy access for these student to get onto the rocks of the foreshore. Even with the cold overcast conditions the students were keen to see what they could find and it was good news to hear that the area was in very good condition. However a “stash” of longnecks was found in a bay just before the entry to Smiths and larger amounts of litter (one bag) was collected from the mangroves at the car park in Giggerbang Creek.

The National Parks assisted with guidance directions and The Education Centre at Bobbin Heads was visited, with program information explained. The students recovered a total of three full bags which were deposited into the Council bins at Bobbin Heads.

The second event was held at Mullet Creek where three old campsites revealed plenty of discarded camp rubbish. Large pile of alcohol bottles were found at “the quarry’ campsite. These bottles were floating in the reeds, and many more would be submerged under the water and bottles and cans were also found past the “old railway’ tunnel. Large items found included two aluminum fuel tanks, two other fuel tanks, yacht sail, TV frame, and a heap of alcohol bottles.The old boat washed onto the foreshore at Tank Creek is now in the waterway, in the oyster leases. This boat has been recorded since March 2012, with no action by authorities or the owner to remove it! A total of nine bags were taken to Derrubbin Reserve and deposited in the Gosford Council bins.

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