Hawkesbury River Clean Up

The Hawekesbury River around Long Island and just west of the Freeway Bridge were the targeted areas for the clean up on 23rd April for Graham Johnston and his team as part of the foreshore clean up program.

The clean up team was also joined by a filmcrew who were documenting the awesome work done by the volunteers and partners, and the day started with a briefing and loading the barge with the camera equipment.

The foreshore to the east was quickly surveyed, and upon closer inspection revealed plenty of litter, mostly plastic bottles. This site is opposite the Derrubbun boat ramp, and has been passed many times, with litter unseen. Plenty of rock hopping as the young volunteers displayed plenty of litter for the film crew, who were very close by. This was an ideal location, well worth the closer inspection

With a beach scene needed, the bulk site on Long Island was chosen. Again plenty of litter, with the cameras now onshore.The falling tide suddenly caused an issue for the barge as it was grounded on the rock shelf. A team pushing effort could not remove the vessel, with the film crew transported back to the ramp in the IRBs. The clean-up was ceased, with the group heading to Rocky Ponds for some fun time and a plan to remove the barge on the evening high tide.

In total eight full bags were retrieved, from the small area, with plenty more, for next week’s school groups. 70% of the litter collected was plastic bottles, 96 in total and all litter was unloaded into the Derrubbun Reserve Gosford Council bins.

This event was funded through a HNCMA Foreshore Grant.

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