Hamelin Bay Stunning Again!

As part of their Year 8 Camp at Hamelin Bay, Georgiana Molloy Anglican School invited Tangaroa Blue representatives Renee Mouritz and Karen Ashton along to introduce the students to the world of marine debris. The white sands and the turquoise waters of Hamelin Bay made for the perfect outdoor classroom and the pod of dolphins that spent the morning frolicking in the shallows only enhanced the experience, adding weight to the importance of finding solutions to the ever increasing issue of marine debris.

The emphasis of the day was on the implications that marine debris has on wildlife with students getting a hands on look at the sorts of marine debris commonly found along the coastline they call home. Time was then spent time discussing how these items could potentially impact on marine creatures and their environment. Discussion was also held as to what changes the students, as individuals, could make to lessen their impact on the world we live in by not littering, getting involved in beach clean ups, picking up rubbish when they see it, refusing single use plastic, making the right choices when purchasing products etc.

In all 110 students were exposed to the topic of marine debris, each going away with a greater understanding of how their actions as environmentally responsible young adults can help impact the world’s oceans in a positive way. And the dolphins swimming off shore could rest easy knowing that they are in good hands!

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