Gordonvale Student Report on Excelsior Workshop

Last Wednesday Heidi Taylor, who is co-founder of Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an organisation to protect our ocean through clean ups and data collection, came to the Gordonvale Lions Club where all the Excelsior students from Gordonvale State School, Gordonvale State High School and Aloomba State School were meeting. Heidi showed us lots of things that she, her husband and all her volunteers have done to save the ocean.

Her presentation included a PowerPoint that showed us lots of interesting facts, such as 18,000 pieces of plastic are floating in every square kilometre of the world’s ocean; cigarette butts can take up to 10 years to break down in the ocean, are full of plastic and toxins and are a threat to marine life and seabirds; 6,000,000 tonnes of rubbish ends up in the ocean each year and lots of other interesting facts. If you wish to find out more information please check out her website www.tangaroablue.org

After the presentation we went to O’Leary’s Creek to clean it up. We collected 53kg of rubbish with the most common item being plastic food wrappers. I was surprised at how much rubbish people throw away and the damage it causes to the environment. So please save our environment by placing rubbish in the bin.

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