Gordonvale State School Selected as Finalist in the National WWF Earth Hour Education Awards

Up in northern Queensland, Gordonvale is embracing a whole community approach to environmental sustainability. With “Think Globally, Act Locally” as their guiding theme, the school has embraced sustainability focusing on the areas of biodiversity, waste, water, energy and transport.

Their vision? To create a culture of awareness both within the school and local community, with an emphasis on long-term behaviour change. How? Through a collaborative program lead by students and staff, and through the forging of community partnerships.

Students are involved in activities which connect what they learn in the classroom to the real world and their own experiences. They are also encouraged to see themselves as part of a bigger picture – to see their place in the larger world, beyond home and school.

Gordonvale’s sustainability initiative has moved beyond their school to the wider community – local, state and international. Students and staff have shared their successes at academic conferences and community workshops in both Australia and New Zealand.

Both students and staff work with a wide range of partners in the implementation of their sustainability projects.

Gordonvale students identify local environmental issues and then develop strategies and partnerships to address them. Examples include a creek rehabilitation plan; a reduction in the school’s energy use (despite a growth in enrolment!); and a Water Catchment Presentation given at an International Conference, highlighting various pollutants that flow often unknowingly/unintentionally into our waterways.

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