End of School Year Clean Up 2009

St Bernard’s College students participated in their November monitoring clean up event last week. Mark Smith, project coordinator at the school, reported that they had a beautiful sunny day this time so were able to extend their normal clean up area by an extra 700 metres or so. Students had a major score with a huge bundle of nets and ropes washed up in their collection area between Archway Beach and Grassy Creek on the Southern Victorian coastline. Plans are to extend their clean up area even further next year. This will be their last group for the year so the next collection day will be in early February, 2010.

Tangaroa Blue would like to thank Mark and all the students from St Bernard’s College for their committment to protecting their local marine environment and we look forward to receiving more data and reports in 2010.

In November, students removed 327 individual pieces of debris from the coast weighing 40kg and included:

  • 70 cigarette butts
  • 30m of rope
  • 12 fishing nets
  • 20 plastic bags
  • 20 plastic drink bottles.

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