Empire Bay Channel Gets a Clean!

The Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program headed out to Empire Bay Chanel on June 6th for a clean up with the Croft Team!

Bulk items were removed from Riley’s Island and transported to the new bulk site on Crown Island. Small amounts of litter were removed from the sandy point on the northern entrance to Empire Bay Chanel. Excessive amounts of small plastic and bottles removed from the mangroves in front of the mowed residential area. In total five full bags were removed.

The small island at the end of the channel, on the northern foreshore, also had plenty of litter, with three bread trays and a tyre removed, and in total four full bags removed. Rapidly falling  tides ceased operations, so statistics were completed on one sample bag, with this litter deposited in the Lions Club Park bins, and the balance of litter, nine bags taken to Woy Woy tip, for disposal.

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