Dunsborough Primary School Students Learn About Marine Debris

On May 18th, 2011 Year 4 students from Dunsborough Primary School joined Tangaroa Blue for a marine debris workshop and beach clean up along the Old Dunsborough Foreshore.

Here are some comments on what the students took away from the day!

Harry- “I learnt that 3 birds were full of rubbish. I think it was scary because of the pictures. The fun bit of it was picking up the rubbish at the end. We all collected 767 pieces of rubbish.”

Shannon- “When I was at the clean up, it was very sad because if divers, fishermen or teenagers leave their rubbish in the sea or in the sand it could kill precious animals like a whale nearly died from just a very small fruit box in its blowhole.”

Tyler- “In term 2 we had a beach clean up! We gathered 767 pieces of rubbish and we saw a dolphin that had fishing line stuck around its snout when it was young and when it grew older it died.”

Lux- “I never knew before that a little lolly wrapper could do so much harm and now that I know it makes me sad to think that people are polluting our precious marine life.”

Kya- “On my year four excursion we went on a beach clean up and set up a display about marine life. It was really fun. On the beach clean up we got some gloves and a plastic bag and picked up lots of rubbish. All the rubbish added up to 767. The excursion was great!!”

Jack- “Last term my year 4 class and I went on a beach excursion. Before we went to the beach Anita, our leader told us all animals and sea creatures are dieing from litter. I thought the beach clean up was fun! I think anyone that goes to the beach and sees litter should pick it up.”

Sage- “We learnt heaps about marine life. Now when my family and I go for walks or when we go to the beach we just automatically pick up a piece of rubbish. My family and I LOVE MARINE LIFE and we love to make a difference.”

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