Cocos Keeling Islands School Clean Up

Larissa Powell is a teacher on the island and with 7 students they visited Pulu Keeling (North Keeling) National Park. It is Australia’s most isolated National Park and has the highest protection classification. They had to swim ashore after an hour and a half boat journey and were not allowed to remove anything, even rubbish!

The year 7 and 8 class has also just done a clean up and photos and data on what they found are shown! The kids have collected rubbish; sorted and recorded it. They are now making PowerPoint presentations and preparing a poster and assembly item to help educate the community about the damage done by marine debris.

Clean ups were conducted at 3 sites Beacon Heights Beach, Sth West End of the West Island and Bobs Folly West Island. The total number of items collected was: 2294 items

352 shoes, 158 plastic drink bottles, 90 drink bottles, 295 lids and bottle tops, 704 pieces of plastic and 45 cigarette lighters were picked up in just 50m at Bobs Folly. The total weight was 53kg and was collected by 18 volunteers in just one hour!

Keep up the great work!

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