Cocos Clean Up

During the recent school holidays, a dedicated group of kids (and carers) hit the Cocos coastline to pick up flotsam and jetsam – all for a worthy cause. Why did they do this? Tangaroa Blue is an Australian organisation that collects and records all types of marine rubbish taht is washed up on Australian beaches. Their aim is to keep rubbish out of the oceans so that marine animals and seabirds do not ingest, get tangled up in, or even poisoned by marine rubbish.

The kids collected 4 bags of rubbish and were required to categorise and then count the rubbish. not surprisingly many thongs were found bu thte maincategory of rubbsih collected wasplastic.

Plastic items included toothbrushes, marine oil containers, shampoo bottles and even a soccer ball. Hard plastics are one of the slower decomposing materials so no wonder so much plastic was collected. All information has been forwarded on to Tangaroa Blue Foundation. Well done kids!

The kids were rewarded for their hard work with popcorn adn fun by making sand castles decorated iwth their flotsam and jetsam. A crazy crab, a sea star and a soccer ball-headed sea turtle manifested but hte people’s chice was the toothy shark. Great effort boys! Many thanks to Tony Lacy, Amber adn Linda for their help on the day.

Trish Flores

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