Cleaning up in the Mud at Pelican Island

Another gorgeous day out on the Brisbane Waters for a clean up of the NE tip of Pelican Island and to remove bulk debris collected by ‘The Glen’ team the day before.

Brisbane Waters Secondary College students joined the representatives from the Hunter CMA, Tangaroa Blue, National Parks, Gosford Council, local Oyster Growers and Lucy Wicks – local Liberal Candidate.

The groups were away on a falling tide at 9am following equipment and PPE being assembled. An excited Liberal Party Candidate, Lucy Wicks, was first to meet the mud of low tide on Pelican Island, and immediately was into the action, with plenty of litter available.

Haley, Louise and students began the task of loading the bulk adjacent to the oyster lease and the barges quickly began to fill, as bulk plastic bottles, oyster products, tyres, and plastic items were carried to the barges. Lucy Wicks was astounded at the amount of litter collected in a small area, and worked enthusiastically with the students and stakeholders.

With the tide very low, groups moved to the mangroves beside Brisbane Waters Drive, with bags quickly filled, in very muddy conditions. The channel on the Southern foreshore of Pelican Island, was then cleaned, again bulk litter. A sensational effort by the student, with the “enviro group” on their first outing, and the senior peer support boys working until the final truck rolled out at 2.30pm.

The oyster growers, Heidi and all stakeholders combining to make this a very successful outing. Over the two days, two very full truckloads of litter totaling 3.2 tonne was removed to the Woy Woy tip including 33 tyres, thanks to the Gosford Council funding the disposal fees. The school also finalised a professionally made video, from this trip, for future promotional purposes.

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