Brisbane Waters produce another 1 tonne!

The task for students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College – Support Unit for the day was to remove the surveyed litter in the Yattalunga mangroves to Green Point.

With the help of Gosford City Council and local oyster grower, Simon Funnel the team pulled another 1.02 tonne of litter out of the Brisbane Waters in just a couple of hours.

The peak low tide made landing difficult with large mud flats so the group split with head teacher Martin, taking a group closer to Green Point, supported by the barge where plenty of rubbish was brought back.

The second group went into the mangroves where masses of small litter, oyster trays, tyres, lounges, plywood, plastic items and 25 full bags of litter were retrived.

The debris was taken by the Gosford Council for disposal, and a plan to clean the remaining 200 metres of mangroves, down to the Yattalunga Reserve, where another one tonne is expected to be picked up was planned.

A sensational effort by the students and supporting teachers, especially the peer support to the younger students and a well earned BBQ was enjoyed by all, after loading the truck.

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