Bloomfield River Beach Clean Up

On Thursday 20th November, our whole school participated in our first beach clean-up.

Our bus driver dropped us off at Windy-Loo at Weary Bay Beach. With our gloves and bags from Tangaroa Blue, we walked south towards the Bloomfield River mouth. The Prep – Year 4’s walked along the beach and the 5/6/7 class walked along a dirt track that runs parallel to the beach.

We were amazed and shocked at how much rubbish there was lying around – especially on the dirt track. Some of the cans looked so old, we wondered how long it had been since anyone had cleaned up before us.

Along the dirt track many local families have set up camps. The camps are used on weekends when the fishing is good. Much of the rubbish was found in and around these camping areas. Most of the rubbish we found was related to eating while camping and fishing. Our collection was mostly cans, bottles and food wrappings.

We filled all our bags before we actually reached our planned destination.

Our Principal drove his car with a trailer attached and we filled it as we walked. At the end of two hours our trailer was full.

The next day the 5/6/7 class spent all day counting the rubbish. This was a most unpleasant job. We dragged the trailer to our undercover play area and in groups we emptied out the rubbish.

Our next clean-up will be in the opposite direction. We will head north towards Plantation Creek. This area is not utilised as much by the locals and more by the occasional visitor. We wonder if our results will be different.

Report written collaboratively by 5/6/7 class.

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