Berowra Waters Upper Hawkesbury River

Students from Rolland Hassall Support Unit headed back out to Berowra Waters along the upper Hawkesbury River on August 7th for another river foreshore clean up.

In 3.5hrs the 5 students filled 8 bags weighing 120kg! The foreshores south of the ferry were first completed with the entire area relatively free of visual litter. Local education and continual monitoring very evident in keeping this waterway pristine.

Close inspection of the southern mangroves revealed many longneck beer bottles, buried in the mud. These bottles were very old with closer inspection revealing manufacturing dates from 1942 to 1963! 45 bottles were collected from one mangrove. Several old wine and coke bottles were also found.

The falling tide made for a quick exit to the northern foreshores above the ferry. Pieces of plastic bag were evident, but in small numbers, generally tangled in the mangroves. Small amounts of plastic bottles appeared, with another twenty longnecks found. These were also old bottles.

The eight full bags were deposited into the councils bins. Interest was shown from locasl interested in the old bottles and we had a good opportunity to network with the local Cruising Yacht Club and community members.

This event was supported by a Caring for Our Country Grant.

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