Another 700kg of Debris to the Tip

The Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program once again joined forces with Gosford City Council, students from North Gosford Learning Centre and local oyster grower Simon Funnel for a clean-up at Empire Bay in the Cockle Bay Nature Reserve.

The task for the day was to remove the small litter from the South Kincumber/Bensville mangroves. And while they went looking for small items, they ended up with a load of over 50 oyster bread basket trays.

Four students from North Gosford Learning Centre, very keen for a day out, soon had a reality check, as masses of small litter presented at the South Kincumber mangrove site. Two boats and larger items were removed from this site on Monday, but a closer inspection revealed very large qualities of all sorts of litter.

Four more tyres, seven bread baskets oyster trays, processed timber, and plenty of mixed litter came out. Only 40 metres was thoroughly cleaned with 20 full bags loaded onto the boat.

This intensive work was difficult for the younger student, the site was left, and the foreshore south, to the Monastery jetty was cleaned. Again oyster products and small litter in good supply.

The Davistown foreshore, opposite the Monastery, and west into Empire Bay Channel was then cleaned. 200 metres of mangroves, covered revealing 40 more oyster bread baskets, twelve large timber and plastic oyster trays, masses of small litter present, five more full large bags.

With a very full load, the barge returned to Empire Bay, 700 kg was weighed in at Woy Woy landfill. Plenty of rubbish still remains in both these sites.

An awesome job done by everyone involved.


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