Another 280kg from Woy Woy

Heading back out to the Brisbane Waters with students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College, the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program was focused on the removal of litter from Hardys Bay on November 29th.

up site. Plenty of small litter (bottles and bags) were found on the tidal mark beside Hardys Bay Road. This litter became much thicker at Rocky Point and into Rileys Bay. Small picnic spot had stacked litter in broken bags, left by the public. This litter had been spread, possibly by native animals. Three large full bags retrieved from this site, with old chairs also collected.

Many larger items found in this 100 metre section including four car tyres, seven oyster trays and baskets, a large blue plastic drum (200 litres), deck chairs, and carpet dragged from the mud. Incoming rain and thunder storms ceased work, with all litter loaded onto the trailer.

280kg was weighed in at Woy Woy tip, excluding tyres which were transported to Rob Moxham’s for cleaning and recycling. Positive response from locals, showing a willingness to get involved and another great effort by the students.

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