Another 240kg out of Brisbane Waters

Rolland Hassall High School was back out on Brisbane Waters on August 20 for another clean up, this time targetting the easter corner of Long Island on the Sandbrook Channel and the western beach on Milson Island.

The peak high tide enabled the IRBs to safely navigate to the end of Sandbrok Channel, however the cold conditions, especially in the shady corner, made the work difficult. Masses of polystyrene had collected in this tiny corner, with bags and plastic bottles in high numbers. One large piece of foam approximately three metres x one metre was loaded in a small tender with other larger litter including a foam matress.

20 bags were quickly collected and with both boats fully loaded, and the tender with the foam tied to the top, it was all towed back to Rob Moxtons oyster shed where Hornsby Council’s Peter Coad providing a skip bin for disposal.

Time then allowed a trip upstream to monitor Milson Island, and with approval from Sport & Rec Staff, the western beach was cleaned. 3 full bags were retrieved, mostly plastic bottles and small items, two large oyster trays, and two 40 litre drums were also removed, along with a plastic chair.The large items were delivered to Moxtons shed, with the three bags deposited in the Derrubben bins. Excellent effort also by Gosford Council in removing the trees from the water’s edge at Derrubben ramp.

Number of bags of litter collected = 23 full bags and approximate weight of litter collected = 240Kg.

Project the Activity is Funded From: CMA Caring for our Country Grant.

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