85 Tyres Removed in One Clean-Up!

Students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College “Bushcraft” team, joined the Brisbane Waters Foreshore Program for a clean-up at Mooney Mooney Bay during early November. Assisting with the removal was Mitch from Rob Moxhams’ Oyster Shed, whose boat was loaded to the brim with debris which has been illegally dumped or washed down the river system.

A very keen group arrived at Rob Moxhams’ oyster shed and were briefed about a recent PONDS virus outbreak, which has destroyed planted Tasmanian Pacific Oysters. Then the team was loaded and set off to the first site which was a man-made jetty, supported by 15 car tyres. These were removed.

Mooney Mooney Bay was the site a previous trip found and stacked many tyres. This was the target, as the group found individual tyres, then a track through the mangroves using truck tyres. These were most difficult to remove, but completed by the students.

With fatigue setting in, and a rising tide, one student found thirty more tyres stacked in the tidal water. The group rose to the task, with tedious difficult work required to get the tyres, mostly filled with mud, out 50 metres to Mitch’s waiting barge. Four bags of smaller items were also removed.

A total of 85 tyres, many from large trucks, were transported back to rob Moxhams’ Oyster Shed, to be cleaned and disposed through approved tyre recyclers. A swim and cool down at Rocky Ponds was then enjoyed by the group, followed by a hearty BBQ at Rob’s shed.

Many thanks to Rob and his team for the industry information they shared with the students, and the use of his facilities.

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