40% of the Mangroves Cleaned!

Erina Bay was the location and the Brisbane Waters Secondary College Support Unit students were up to the task. With the help of Gosford Council and local oyster grower Simon Funnel, a mangrove clean-up was held to remove debris that had been washed and blown far into the mangrove system.

The peak high tide and a very keen group landed at Erina Bay and were immediately confronted by large amounts of litter. This was the first time this area has been cleaned, and the plastic bottles were scattered in thick mangroves, as tides, wind and waves pushed them further into the mangroves, the older the became.  60 bags, many of the larger type were hauled out of the mangroves. Plastic bottles and bags, making up the bulk of the items collected. Larger items collected included ten car tyres, large sailboard, oyster products, mattresses, large eski, foam products, treated timber, hardwood pallet and various large plastic buckets. All litter was deposited into the Council skip bin at the Punt Bridge.

Upon departing Erina Creek, a pod of dolphins, dived in and around the watercraft, much to the delight of the students and obviously showing their approval of the great work just completed.

Thanks to the Gosford City Council for their support and funding for this event was through the Bluff Point Grant.

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