1000 Beer Bottles in 100m at Patonga Foreshore!

The objective was clear – after two visits there was still more discarded beer bottles, cans and small plastic items, in the mangroves on the southern end of Patonga Creek on the outskirts of Sydney. So the Foreshore Clean Up Program, coordinated by Graham Johnston, was heading back for a third time to see how many more beer bottles they would find.

The Brisbane Water Secondary College students and teachers divided into two groups successfully rotating foreshore and kayaking activities and with the low tide the collection of over 350 beer bottles, cans and other small items were removed from the thick two metre mangroves.

The area in front of the last three homes, still has vast amounts of bottles remaining (approximately 20 bags or 400 beer bottles) in this historic dumping site. There is a recently erected Council sign in front of these homes, stating “NO DUMPING” which we hope will prevent the phenominal amount of drinking containers from returning to this site in the future.

The totals of debris removed from this site over the three visits are staggering with over 1000 bottles and 600 cans being removed from these mangroves, an area of just 100 metres x 40 metres! A huge effort by everyone involved!

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