Georgiana Molloy Students on the Beach

The Tangaroa Blue Foundation joined the Georgiana Molloy Anglican School camp at Hamelin Bay, in WA’s south west for a morning talking about marine debris. A presentation about marine debris was provided and then the students took part in a beach clean-up. A kilometre stretch of the beach was scoured by the 125 students. They picked up 11kg of marine debris which was made up of 646 items. The school wanted to give back something to the area that they had enjoyed so much for their camp.

GMAS Students Back at Hamelin Bay!

On the first day of their annual camp at Hamelin Bay, the Georgiana Molloy Anglican School year 8 students joined forces with the Tangaroa Blue Foundation for an afternoon beach clean-up. A total of 14.2kg of marine debris was removed from a 1.5km stretch of coast from Hamelin Bay to Boranup Beach, WA. The most common item found was recreational fishing line, which had an estimated total length of 75m.

Hamelin Bay Stunning Again!

As part of their Year 8 Camp at Hamelin Bay, Georgiana Molloy Anglican School invited Tangaroa Blue representatives Renee Mouritz and Karen Ashton along to introduce the students to the world of marine debris. The white sands and the turquoise waters of Hamelin Bay made for the perfect outdoor classroom and the pod of dolphins that spent the morning frolicking in the shallows only enhanced the experience, adding weight to the importance of finding solutions to the ever increasing issue of marine debris. Read more “Hamelin Bay Stunning Again!”