Long Island is now 200 kg of rubbish lighter

With assistance from the oyster barge, eight students form the Rowland Hassall School in Parramatta joined the Clean4Shore program for another clean-up event along the Hawkesbury River. The group removed 6 bags, weighing 200 kg, of rubbish from the Northern foreshore of Long Island from Sandbrook Channel to the Railway Bridge, a well known hot spot for marine debris. Amongst countless small items the volunteers bagged oyster products, a plastic boat, water drums and eskies. The event was sponsored by the Hornsby Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services. What great effort and fun on such a bright sunny day!

Pelican Island gets another clean

Brisbane Waters Secondary College Support Unit, headed out to clean-up the Terilbah and Pelican Islands in Tuggerah Lakes with the help of Take 3 and the Wyong Council as part of the Clean4Shore program at the end of July.

In just 3 hours the group removed around 450kg from just 700 metres of foreshore! The main rubbish found was glass beer and plastic drink bottles, polystyrene, plastic bags, alcohol cans and small litter of all description. Also hauled out were larger items including deck chairs, mattresses, carpet and derelict tents.

The vast majority of litter is consistent with poor recreational and camping practices by the general public visiting the small island.

An excellent effort by the students, and coordination by Take 3 and Wyong Council who also got to enjoy perfect weather conditions for this event.

Storm events dump debris in Sydney

Last week 3 volunteers from Brisbane Waters Secondary College the Croft, Hornsby Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services responded to community reports of high levels of marine debris following storm events. As part of the Clean4Shore Program, the team boarded an oyster barge to transport them to the sites on Dangar Island and Long Island along the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales. An estimated 300 kg of marine debris was removed from the sites, items included surf skis, inflatable boats, plastic drums, oyster products, car tyres, plastic bottles and even a leather lounge chair. The community were thankful to the group for their hard work in removing the items. Many small bulk items still remain at the sites, last year 3.5 tonnes of marine debris was removed from the area, it is feared that the storms have brought in another influx of similar magnitude.

1.83 tonne removed from Hawkesbury Estuary

On the morning of the 17th of December, 2 volunteer students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College ‘Bushcraft’ group were picked up from school to assist in the transportation of rubbish from Rob Moxham’s oyster shed and the Hawkesbury bridge.

This rubbish had been collected during previous Hawkesbury Estuary Clean4Shore program events, and would be getting loaded into a Gosford Council truck to be taken to the Woy Woy tip.

The volunteers assisted in loading the impressive 1.83 tonne of rubbish that had been collected beforehand, into the council truck and Graham Johnston’s trailer. Read more “1.83 tonne removed from Hawkesbury Estuary”

End of the Line for Debris in Sandbrook Channel

nflatable Rescue Boats (IRB’s) were the weapon of choice when it came to attacking the pollution issue in the Sandbrook Channel. The IRB’s, loaded with 7 eager volunteers from Rolland Hassall School, proved a force to be reckoned with in the known litter hotspot.

As part of the Hawkesbury Estuary Clean4Shore program, the volunteer team was tasked with removing as much litter as possible from the far end foreshore of the Sandbrook Channel. And boy did they deliver! Read more “End of the Line for Debris in Sandbrook Channel”

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