ReefClean Program Extended to 2027!

The DCCEEW announced that Tangaroa Blue Foundation, along with ReefClean partners, were successful in the competitive Great Barrier Reef Marine Debris Management and Mitigation Grant opportunity.

Marine debris has been identified as a significant risk to the Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem and is considered a key threat to the Reef region’s values.

“Tangaroa Blue led the ReefClean program from 2018 – 2023 removing more than 127 tonnes of marine debris from between the Torres Strait and Bundaberg and tens of thousands of participants in activities.

We are thrilled to be able to continue to build on this work, with our team of ReefClean partners, to reduce the risk of marine debris to the Great Barrier Reef” said Heidi Tait CEO of Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

“Together with our key delivery partners including AUSMAP, BehaviourWorks Australia, Clean Up Australia, Gunggandji-Mandingalbay Yidinji Peoples Prescribed Body Corporate, Pioneer Catchment Landcare, Reef Check Australia, South Cape York Catchments, Whitsunday Catchment Landcare, Woppaburra TUMRA and Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation and our on ground community organisations, supporters and volunteers, we are looking forward to another 3.5 years focusing on the removal and prevention of marine debris across the Great Barrier Reef Catchment.” Heidi Tait said.

The ReefClean activities will kick off towards the end of February 2024, and will provide volunteers opportunities to participate in remote clean-up events, regular monitoring activities, source reduction projects and education and awareness activities, there’s something for everyone!

Dr Kim Borg, project lead from BehaviourWorks Australia said “BehaviourWorks is excited and honoured to join the ReefClean partnership. It’s a great opportunity to join forces with an already successful program and amplify its impact through a rigorous and applied behavioural approach to help address the wicked problem that is marine debris in the Great Barrier Reef.”

Clayton Enoch, Land and Sea Custodian Coordinator from Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation said “We are really excited to continue to work hand in hand with Tangaroa Blue Foundation to reduce marine debris impacting our Country. During last year’s events, the faces of our Elders lit up as soon as they found out that we had pulled so much rubbish from the beaches and they couldn’t wait to do it again.”

To get involved visit or check out the ReefClean pages on Instagram and Facebook.

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