Turtle Islands Clean-up

Six people, 5 islands and 800kg of debris in just 2 days!

COVID-19 restrictions have meant that we have not been able to run some of our regular dry season clean-up activities in Cape York. Instead, as general restrictions have eased, we took a small dedicated team of volunteers up to the islands of the Turtle Group National Park in the northern Great Barrier Reef. These islands are small and made of deep coral rubble, which made walking around quite challenging.

The amount and condition of the debris suggest that these islands have not had rubbish cleared off them for a very long time, if ever. Many of the usual suspects were there, plastic drink bottles, polystyrene pieces, and all manner of hard plastic remnants, along with a couple of boats and fishing buoys galore.

A big thank you to volunteers who worked so hard on this clean-up and an extra shout out to John and Jon from Wavelength Reef Cruises, who not only got us on and off the islands, but also joined the clean-up team to pick-up and remove the rubbish. It was a fantastic effort by all involved.

ReefClean is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.

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