GBRCU 2022

The Great Barrier Reef Clean-up 2022

The Great Barrier Reef Clean-up 2022

ReefClean’s fourth annual Great Barrier Reef Clean-up took place this October where communities, organisations and citizen scientists along Queensland joined forces to help improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef and its surrounding waterways.

The ReefClean project aims to reduce the volume of marine debris entering the Great Barrier Reef and educate communities about preventative actions they can take to reduce litter entering Reef waterways.

The data collected from this Great Barrier Reef Clean-up will inform the community consultations, data analysis and other events we take into 2023.

Over 30 sites were registered this year and more than 800 people participated. This includes our flagship events at Mer Island (Torres Strait), Kurrimine Beach (Wet Tropics), Alva Beach (Dry Tropics), Farnborough Beach (Fitzroy), Mackay Harbour (Mackay Whitsundays) and Burnett Heads (Burnett Mary).

Whilst the data hasn’t been finalised with a couple of events still to be entered, the current totals show that 3,000kg was removed over 76km of land!

Our sincerest thank you goes out to all the local communities, partners and organisations who donated their time to take care of the Reef.

Whilst this particular event is now completed, we have plenty of regular ReefClean events to take part in. Visit us at or check out our Facebook page to stay informed of our events and activities.

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