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The Dangers of Playground Rubber Surfaces

The momentum is building with another council agreeing with our rubber crumb assessment report that recycling tyres into soft fall rubber crumb is not fit-for-purpose for children’s play areas.

ABC News has written a great article talking about these dangers.

Here is a section from their article.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation chief executive Heidi Tait said she was concerned that “crumbs” of the rubber material posed a risk to people’s health and the environment as the material aged and disintegrated.

“We identified that rubber crumb from these soft fall playgrounds is escaping as the play area degrades and those little crumbs escape out,” she said. 

“When it rains, it washes into creeks and stormwater systems and then out into the reef.

“We’re really concerned because there’s a lot of interest in this issue internationally around the toxins and the chemicals that are in these rubber crumbs.”

You can read the full article here

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