ReefClean Campaigns to stop the spread

Tangaroa Blue launches digital ReefClean campaigns to stop the spread of single-use plastic litter.

In May, the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, through its ReefClean project, held several online Source Reduction Workshops to reduce litter items in the natural environment.

This month, the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, through its ReefClean project, held five online Source Reduction Workshops. These workshops, brought together community members, local businesses, Councils and other organisations to develop digital campaigns that address some of the top items found along the Great Barrier Reef region.

The five campaigns will be launched in June and include:

  • Lose Ya Lid – encouraging people to give a “flat no” to single-use plastic coffee cup lids
  • Ditch the Flick – encouraging smokers to bin their cigarette butts instead of flicking them
  • Look After your Tackle – encouraging fishers to know their knots and reduce fishing line litter
  • Litter Hero – encouraging people not to let litter bug our reef and seek out bins in public spaces
  • Don’t Dump on our Reef – encouraging dog owners to bag and bin their dog’s waste

The campaigns will also see physical monitoring of litter hotspots around the reef in Port Douglas, Cairns, Ingham, Townsville, Gladstone, Yeppoon and Boyne Island.

For more information on the campaigns, click the links above.

ReefClean is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and delivered by Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

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