Litter Hero Beach Hand Bins

New Litter Hero Beach Hand Bins

Littering is a major environmental issue that continues to affect our planet’s health. The increasing amount of waste that ends up in our oceans is not only harmful to marine life but also poses a significant threat to human health. The ReefClean ‘Litter Hero’ campaign has partnered with designer and environmental advocate, Josie Jones to develop a solution to help this problem – the Beach Hand Bin.

Litter Hero Beach Hand Bins

The Beach Hand Bin is an innovative and convenient device designed to collect and catch small litter while at the beach. It is made from sustainably sourced paper stock and is lightweight, easy to carry, install and use. The simple portable infrastructure is designed to be reusable and implemented at beaches as an approach to litter prevention. The hand bin is ready-made, flat-packed, and handheld, making it easy to use for anyone who visits the beach.

The primary purpose of the hand bins is to educate beachgoers on the value of the marine environment and the issues surrounding beach litter. The bins encourage people to remove debris they see on the beach and ensure that they take their own litter with them. By doing so, beachgoers can make a significant difference in keeping the beach clean and protecting the marine environment.

In addition to promoting positive behavioural change among beachgoers, the ReefClean ‘Litter Hero’ campaign will conduct litter audits before, during, and after the trial. These audits will monitor the impact of the Beach Hand Bin over time and assist in the development of strategies to tackle the issues surrounding beach litter.

This project will be launched throughout locations along the Great Barrier Reef and we are excited to monitor and assess the impact this initiative will have amongst these beaches.

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