Plastic Resin Pellets Leaching out of Factories

Tangaroa Blue recently visited factories that use plastic resin pellets for manufacturing in each major Australian city. What we found explained why 90% of Australian beaches that we survey have plastic resin pellet pollution on them. More than 75% of the factories we visited had pellets leaching out from around the factories, into nearby properties and stormwater drains. It is clear that any time it rains these pellets are entering rivers and creeks and ultimately into the oceans from factories around the country.

Evidence of this type of pollution was reported to federal and state government agencies, who almost all passed the responsibility onto another government agency. We are currently working on engaging the plastics industry to encourage them to adopt Operation Clean Sweep – a program with a goal of zero pellet loss.

If you find pellets on your beach, please send us an email with the date and location. If you come across pellet loss from a factory please take a photo and email to us for further investigation.

This type of pollution is easy to fix – if you spill it – clean up it before it washes down the stormwater drain.

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