Industry Signs Up to Operation Clean Sweep®!

Operation Clean Sweep® Australia launched during 2016. An industry program developed in the US, and adapted for the Australian industry with funding from the Victorian Government’s Litter Hotspot Program and support from the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association & Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

The Operation Clean Sweep® program looks at all the places during processing and transport that plastic resin pellets (AKA nurdles) can be lost and cost-effective strategies that would prevent that loss from occurring.

We are excited to annouce industry leaders (Dow Chemical, Qenos and Co-Ex Films) have taken the pledge to adopt Operation Clean Sweep® and help reduce the chance of plastic resin pellets escaping into the enviornment from their facilities. We urge everyone in the plastics industry to check out this program – it’s free, it saves companies money, creates a safer workplace, helps avoid fines and helps to protect our waterways and ocean!

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