Reduce the amount of waste produced

Waste that doesn’t exist cannot become a problem. Tangaroa Blue Foundation works with different stakeholders to promote and implement sustainable solutions to our consumerism. This can include a reduction or redesign of packaging, the promotion of alternative products to single-use plastics, recycling programs and container deposit schemes.

Some of our programs to minimise waste:

  • Support and collaboration of communities and governments that want to put an end to plastic shopping bags or implement a container deposit scheme.
  • Working with groups and initiatives to promote the reduction of single use plastics.
  • Recycling whatever we can: Out of the rubbish collected on the beaches we divert as much as possible from landfill, sending it to recycling programs instead. The hard to recycle partly degraded plastic we collect in Cape York is even sent overseas for a new life as Bionic Yarn and jeans.
  • Some of the debris we collect finds a new life in art supplies.

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