How do we achieve all this?

A single person or group is unlikely to get all these changes done. Tangaroa Blue Foundation collaborates with an extended network of stakeholders and partners: From local communities, organisations and Indigenous rangers to industry and government, we are on board to communicate the issues and make changes happen. We empower local campaigners to become stewards of their own region and bring their local knowledge to the table for the greater good.

We achieve all this by:

  • Providing resources and, if applicable, data to schools, organisations and governments about the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, the AMDI Database and general facts about marine debris.
  • Running source reduction plan workshops that help communities formulate a specific plan that can be implemented in their situation. Here is the source reduction plan workshop video if you prefer sitting back and relax to reading yourself.
  • Visiting schools and conducting presentations and training sessions for groups that want to get involved in the AMDI program. Educating the next generation is one of the best long term strategies for environmental change.

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