Bracelets now available


Tangaroa Blue Foundation welcomes Old Skipper as our newest Corporate Sponsor. This Gold Coast-based company generously donated bracelets from their 7Seas Collection to sell in our Sea Store. Every dollar from the purchase of these bracelets goes directly back into funding an event. 

From Old Skipper: “We love the feel and touch of the golden sand from our beach, we value our clear water oceans, we love our kids and would like to see them growing safely, we feel for our planet … to show our consideration and bring our own contribution to protecting these values we have introduced our new 7Seas collection, made out of recycled plastic bottles rope… Out of 1 plastic bottle we can make 3 new high-end jewellery bracelets.”

You can view these beautiful bracelets in our Sea Store: R-USE, RESQ.

Many thanks to Old Skipper for their donation. There are plans to hold an Old Skipper clean-up in the Brisbane area in the new year, so please keep an eye on our Events Calendar for more details.

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