Ocean Plastic Products - are they credible or just greenwashing?

Ocean Plastic Products – Credible or greenwashing? Watch the Q&A Panel Discussion

Over the last few years, a variety of products claiming to be made of “ocean plastic” or “ocean bound plastic” or “potential ocean bound plastic” have started to appear on supermarket shelves and online stores.

The messaging appears to claim that we’ve solved the plastic marine pollution issue, including what to do with plastics recovered from our oceans. But misleading labelling on some products and marketing campaigns is causing consumer confusion.

This Q&A panel discussion unpacks the myths, truths and possibilities for recycling plastics recovered from our oceans with experts from the Environmental Defenders Office, the plastics industry and the NGO sector.

Our panel:

Heidi Tait – CEO, Tangaroa Blue Foundation
Kirsty Ruddock – Managing Lawyer, Safe Climate – Environmental Defenders Office
Brett Tait – Project Manager, Operation Clean Sweep
Royston Kent – CEO – BC Plastics
Warwick Hall – Vice President – Australasian Bioplastics Association Inc

You can watch the entire discussion below and hear from industry experts on the topic.


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