Can Animal for Port Hedland!

This source reduction plan was designed by participants in Port Hedland during a workshop funded through Keep Australian Beautiful Council WA Litter Prevention Grants. The goal of the source reduction plan is to address aluminium cans. They have been identified as an issue in the area, for example 217 were found during one clean-up at Cemetery Beach in 2013. The cans are thought to be coming from beachgoers, campers, fishers, boaters, water users and park users. They are left behind following visits and often found lodged between rocks. This is an issue of great importance to the community because it impacts on the amenities, wildlife, health and safety and resources; such as the cost of litter collection by the council and community pride.

The source reduction plan aims to improve infrastructure in the affected areas whilst raising awareness at the same time. A community art project is planned to create a wire structured frame of an animal which people can throw their cans into. This will provide a strong visual impact and message. The source reduction plan will be promoted through the radio, newspapers, billboards, signage and through education in schools. Additional bins at the affected locations will also be sought through local council. The success of this source reduction plan will be measured during the 2015 WA Beach Clean-up event.

The photo included in this article comes from a recycled steel, wire, crushed can and bottle top spider, orginally made for Glastonbury Festival 2010 to reduce litter.

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