First Load of Recycling Heading from Wadeye to Darwin!

The Thamarrurr Rangers who live in Wadeye, several hundred kilometres west of Darwin NT, have been working to collect, document and prevent marine debris and litter in their community as part of their work looking after country.

This year they have been instramental in creating a recycling project for the community to help reduce litter and divert recyclable items from local landfill.

This week the first load of recyclables has headed back to Darwin! Photo: Thamarrurr Ranger Mary at the recycling area.

Here’s a report from Melissa Bentivoglio Women’s Facilitator for the Thamarrurr Rangers on this exciting development.

Thanks to everyone who has started to recycle over the past couple of months – a great start!
We now have a fair load of plastic bottles, cans and tetra packs to send back to Darwin and receive the container deposit refund. This refund will be jointly managed by the Shire and Rangers, to further develop the recycling service at Wadeye. So the first load of recycling will be heading to Darwin this week. Please continue to recycle, as every bit helps, and we look forward to further developing the service in the New Year. Let us know if you have any queries or ideas. Thanks, Melissa.”

This project has been possible with the collaboration of the local community including the CDP men who made the frames for the recycling bags out of recycled materials, the West Daly Regional Council who have been coodinating the rubbish collection and to Murin for agreeing to transport the recyclables back to Darwin. Photo: Thamarrurr Rangers from left: Maureen Simon, Rosaline Melpi, Maryanne Talunga, Wendy Simon and Angus Melpi taking a load of recycling down to the Murin barge to head to Darwin.

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