Djunbunji Rangers are taking the lead on waste reduction

The Djunbunji Land & Sea Ranger team is leading by example with the creation of their new reusable events kit.

After attending the Australian Marine Debris Initiative’s 2014 conference and being involved in creating Source Reduction Plans for various projects, the rangers decided to create a Source Reduction Plan for themselves.

“We really need to change people’s way of thinking,” said Ranger Laurissa Mundraby, as she showed Tangaroa Blue the reusable events kit the rangers had put together. The kit had reusable cutlery, bowls, plates, and cups, with the aim to replace all the disposables they used to throw away.

“We were hosting so many events and we were just throwing things away, and it was costing us a fair bit of money. So we went out and bought this stuff to reuse, and we can use it again and again and again. Now we are actually saving a lot of money, because at times we were feeding up to 60 people at a one event. And now we don’t have to worry about rubbish disposal! We were throwing away probably about 2 bins worth of rubbish after an event.”

“People love the bright colours,” Ranger Laurissa said about the items in their kit. “It makes people want to use it even more, especially knowing that we won’t have to toss it.”

Ranger Laurissa loved the idea so much she decided to make a kit up for herself too.

“I even have a bag with pretty much the same stuff in it at home, it’s so useful, especially when we go down to the creek. You have to take the rubbish back with you anyway, so why not take home something you can wash and reuse again!”

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