Organise your own beach clean-up

If a beach in your area needs a clean-up you can take action with the support from Tangaroa Blue. Remember, collecting the rubbish is great, but taking the data will have an even longer lasting effect as it helps to formulate solutions. For any questions and queries contact and we can advertise your event on our home page and on Facebook. The following steps will help you prepare your event:

1. Advertise your event in your community
2. You might want to buy some clean-up materials such as bags, gloves and sharps containers. We can also tailor the size of your clean-up kit to your needs.
3. Make yourself familiar with the AMDI methodology and instructions on how to run a clean-up event by checking out our How-to videos and manual. The Marine Debris ID Manual will help you identify the categories of debris, and the data sheet can be used to tally the items you collect.
4. After the clean-up you will need to enter your data into the AMDI Database. Please make yourself familiar with our data use agreement before the event.
5. Keep in mind that for an input of your data into our database you will also need to record
– the number of volunteers
– the time spent
– the distance covered including GPS coordinates

You can go to the report page of our database and access a wide variety of data from your previous clean-ups for your own reporting purposes.

Photo Credit: DonDons

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