From Water to Courts: Rec Fishing and Tennis Unite

What does recreational fishing and tennis have in common? Both sports are now diverting line and string to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative circular economy source reduction projects!

We recently wrapped up a successful string recycling pilot in collaboration with Tennis Australia during the Australian Open in Melbourne and the Brisbane International in January. Throughout these tournaments, dedicated ‘stringers’ collected discarded strings, which will now undergo processing within the Rig Recycle network.

The progression of the Rig Recycle program across sports is incredibly exciting and special recognition is owed to Brett Tait, our circular economy developer, for spearheading this cross-industry initiative.

As rec fishing and tennis enthusiasts come together to champion environmental responsibility, these initiatives serve as reminders of the power of collective action. Through small yet impactful measures, such as recycling strings, we can help pave the way towards a more sustainable future—one serve and catch at a time.

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