Fishing’s Circular Future with Rig Recycle Partnership

In a first for the recreational fishing industry, Tasline partners with Rig Recycle, showing their dedication to circular production. 

In early December 2023, a significant milestone was achieved with the commissioning of the first Rig Recycle plastic granulator at Tasline’s Dandenong, Victoria factory. The partnership with Rig Recycle focuses on developing a circular system for braid lines, addressing single-use plastics in spools and hard packaging, and aiming to transform the fishing industry.

A notable aspect of this partnership is the introduction of respooling, The first spools being diverted to respooling of braid resulting in the reuse of what was once a single-use plastic item.

With funding for the granulator from Sustainability Victoria’s Circular Economy Communities Fund, and Tasline and Rig Recycle’s collaboration, a successful example is showcased for industry, government, and NGOs working together for a sustainable recreational fishing industry, setting a precedent for the fishing industry to build a responsible recreational fishing sector within an extended producer responsibility framework

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