Clean4Shore People’s Choice

The National Landcare Awards, held on Oct. 11, 2018, recognises the efforts of those who give their time and energy to preserve our natural environment. Through a rigorous evaluation process, the judges decide who will be one of the 65 Finalists across nine categories. At last week’s ceremony, Clean4Shore was awarded the People’s Choice award for their excellent work, removing litter from waterways in New South Wales.
Clean4Shore, an AMDI partner, engages with local communities, schools, business and other groups and takes them on clean-up field trips, where they collect and sort the rubbish then log their findings into the AMDI database. In 2016, Clean4Shore engaged 554 volunteers to take part in 67 field trips and remove 182,800 items from our waterways.
Graham Johnson, Clean4Shore’s coordinator is proud to have been chosen by the Australian public: “I have a great support group from my Facebook page, and from people that follow our program and are willing to get out there and do something about the litter in our waterways… for us this is a pretty big achievement. It makes it all worthwhile.”
Congratulations to Graham, and all those involved with Clean4Shore. Thank you for being leaders in this space and inspiring others to take action. Read more about Graham and Clean4Shore’s efforts, here.

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