NSW to move on Container Deposits

Environment groups today welcomed moves by the NSW government to implement a 10cent deposit scheme on drink bottles and cans.

A report in today’s Sun Herald indicates the government will be moving to finalise the design of a scheme this year.

“We welcome the commitment to a cost effective and efficient scheme. It’s been a long time coming after a ten year campaign. There’s no doubt that NSW will benefit environmentally, economically and socially from the massive reduction in drink container litter; over 1,000 new jobs; new investment in the recycling industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars; and a big boost to charity income,” said Jeff Angel, National Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance of 32 groups.

“With the majority of the community supporting container deposits (84% in the last Newspoll), this decision will be long remembered as a pivotal moment in cleaning up our environment.”

“NSW can have a world leading scheme and we are ready to assist the government in delivering it.”

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