NSW CDS draft paper open for public comment

The NSW container deposit scheme – discussion paper is open for public comment until February 26th 2016 and can be accessed here.

Report from Jeff Angel – Boomerang Alliance

The release of a container deposit discussion paper brings implementation of a 10cent refund on drink bottles and cans in NSW one step closer, but pressure on the government by Coca Cola and allies, could still sabotage Premier Baird’s election promise of a ‘world’s best’ scheme, environmentalists said today.

“If the government fails in this crucial test it will also be unable to meet the Premier’s 2020 litter target.* ‘World’s best’ is not spin – it can really be achieved and the discussion paper contains our scheme for cash for containers, based on extensive research into the more than 40 other programs around the world,” said Jeff Angel, Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance of 34 groups.

“It achieves virtually the entire 40% litter reduction target in an efficient, low cost manner.# We can find no other proposal from industry or business-as-usual that can do the job.”

“An important component is that the scope of containers for the CDS largely harmonises with the South Australian and Northern Territory schemes which cover bottles, cans and LPB between 100m to 3L. The adoption of the SA and NT container scope also minimises disruption to industry labelling and distribution of drinks. It can deliver a stronger recycling industry; 1,500 jobs, and over $60m each year for charities.”

“Coca Cola and other bottlers have submitted a dodgy alternative plan, called ‘Thirst for Good’. It’s miles away from matching container deposits and does little to stop litter in the first place. The industry should stop playing games with the serious problems of pollution and poor recycling. Nor should it be allowed to run a deposit program – they have a bad track record and are too conflicted to deliver maximum community benefit. We support a non-profit, independent group overseeing it,” Mr Angel said.

Further information: Jeff Angel 0418 273773, (02) 9211 5022

* Premier Mike Baird announced a new set of state priorities for his government. The only environmental target is:
Reduce the volume of litter by 40%, by 2020.
Littering harms ecosystems and our natural environment, and is linked to anti-social behaviours. The NSW community consistently identifies littering as an area of environmental concern. NSW will overtake Victoria as the least littered state in Australia if we reduce our volume of litter by a further 40% by 2020. A new container deposit scheme and other waste management initiatives will reduce littering, increase recycling, and help us reach this target.

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