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Support Container Deposits in Queensland

With the NSW election over and a returned NSW Government committed to introducing a container deposit scheme for beverage containers, Boomerang Alliance members have joined forces to call on the Queensland Government to urgently act on plastic litter or risk Queensland becoming the rubbish state of Australia

‘During the recent Qld state election, the Labor Government promised to act on both container deposits and single use plastic bags. The opportunity to act with NSW on these issues now exists and we call on the State to move quickly.’ said Toby Hutcheon, spokesperson for Boomerang Alliance.

‘On Clean Up Day 2015, the Boomerang Alliance members presented the government with a 100-Day Plan on waste and recycling. We urged them to join up with the NSW CD effort and release a public discussion paper aimed at phasing out plastic bags.’

‘It’s time to act on these promises.’ said Hutcheon.

Queensland is the most littered mainland state. According to the 2014 Clean Up Australia Rubbish Report, plastics and drink containers are still a major problem in Queensland. Beverage containers still represented over 37% of the Top 10 items reported by volunteers last year. SEQ Healthywaterways reports show a 50% increase in plastic bottles found during clean ups since 2007.

‘Litter, particularly plastics, is not only an eyesore its deadly to wildlife. SEQ Healthywaterways/UQ studies have estimated that 30% of all turtle mortalities in Moreton Bay are due to plastic ingestion.’

‘Surveys consistently show support for action on plastic bags and a recent Newspoll by Boomerang Alliance (Jan 2015) showed that 85% of Queenslanders supported a container deposit scheme.’

‘Dramatically reducing plastic bags and discarded containers from creeks, beaches and the marine environment would be a significant step forward and very popular with the community.’

‘A container deposit system would also create hundreds of jobs and substantial funds every year for charities and local clubs.’

For More Information: Toby Hutcheon 07 3300 1110/0422 990 372


The new Labor Government in Queensland has policies on single use plastic bags and container deposits.

Labor will actively pursue model legislation across all States that establishes a National Container Deposit Scheme, and investigate the establishment of a state-based container deposit scheme

Labor will restrict the use of single use packaging, particularly plastic bags

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