Cash for Containers for NSW in 2017!

Update from the website 21st Feb 2015.

The Baird government’s decision to proceed with a container deposits scheme (CDS) is ground breaking for cleaning up the state’s environment, funding charities and paving the way for other states to join, the Boomerang Alliance of 30 groups said today.

“The scheme will certainly work in stopping the littering and landfilling of billions of drink containers every year, but also be a great boon to the charity sector. We estimate at least $65million a year will be earnt by a variety of charities with a comprehensive CDS (see over). No industry alternative can match these achievements,” said Jeff Angel, National Convenor of the Alliance.

“The campaign has lasted for over ten years with an enormous effort by many groups and individuals. State and federal governments commissioned study after study; hundreds of thousands of emails and letters were sent to MPs; industry ran misleading fear campaigns spending millions of dollars; community clean-ups and actions continued; elections came and went – and community support for a CDS grew with the latest Newspoll (Jan/Feb 2015) showing 90% of NSW voters support the 10cent refundable deposit scheme.”

“The decision will take about two years to implement through consultation, design, passage of a law and installation of infrastructure – so the start date of 1 July 2017 is reasonable.”

“The Boomerang Alliance and the community of course will be watching very closely for any backflips. We encourage the beverage industry to adopt a pragmatic approach and work with us, local government and the community to have the best possible container deposit scheme,” Mr Angel said.

“We are also hopeful that other states will see the social, economic and environmental benefits and join in the NSW move.”

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