What is the Australian Marine Debris Database?

The AMDI database was created to enable volunteers, groups and organisations doing beach clean-ups to collect data and report what they were finding with a consistent methodology. To date, over 4 million items have been entered into the database creating a comprehensive overview of the quantity  and types of marine debris found along the Australian coastline.

For each clean-up the following data is recorded:

• Effort: number of participants and time needed
• Location, length and width of the beach
• Weight and volume of the rubbish collected
• Number of items removed
• Category of each item, e.g.

•  material (e.g. plastics, foam, rubber etc.)
•  type of use (e.g. consumer item, packaging, remnant etc.)
• detailed description of the item (e.g. toy, drink bottle, fishing lure etc.)
• foreign origin